Samples of the Magic Mirror Set Up at Events

Many of you have asked why the Magic Mirror Photo Booth is different then the old fashioned photo booth. We thought we would show you some of the set-ups we have done!

With every event, we send a form for our clients to fill out that includes many things like event colors, prop selection, etc. We have over 750 props we can bring, but if we do not have your specific theme, we will get them at no additional charge to you.

You can see in these pictures, we customize everything for your day. We take your themes and add them into the mirror and props. We customize the mirror animations with pictures you can provide (engagement, etc) and then also take photos from that night and add them into the Mirror for your guests. We do all this custom work at no additional charge!

You can see in some of these pictures that your guests can email directly from the mirror photo booth their pictures. This way they have a free digital copy to keep plus the printed copies they will receive! We can also set it up for the guests to write on their pictures, add digital props and emojis. All this customization for no additional charge!

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