Do A Good Deed Everyday! Free Porchraits Program Starts!

During this scary and unprecedented time, we are going to find something each day to help make this scary time a little less scary. If you have ideas for us to help with various things, leave us a message, send a message or email us! We will continue to do this as long as we can!

If everyone did one little deed a day to help someone, this world would be a better place for everyone! We understand that people are getting laid off, wait staff is out of work in a lot of places, kids now are home 24/7 and eating at home 3 times a day. We have been so fortunate with our business to set aside money each month to help community non-profits and this month we are focusing on helping our communities through this program.

During the first week, we purchased over $1,000 worth of groceries that we donated to over 2 dozen families in Southern Maine, NH and Mass. We held a roadside clean-up and cleaned the sides of roads with several bags of trash removed. We bought over $300 worth of groceries to donate to children in Somersworth and Dover, NH to help their End 68 Hours of Hunger Program. We also have helped deliver over 70 bags of food to pick-up sites in Dover to help their school children have lunches. We have bought to-go meals at local restaurants and brought them to seniors who are quarantined at home. This past weekend, we put a notice out to our town and notified them that if they are stuck at home, we would pick up their trash and bring it to the town dump. We’ve given large tips at drive throughs to thank the workers who continue to serve us. We have brought food and groceries to first responders and their families who continue to protect us daily. We heard from a family in Portland whose daughter turned one on Monday and they were unable to get her a cake or go out due to medical and financial concerns. We got a cake, a balloon, some gifts and a bunch of groceries to help this family as they are sheltered in their house on their daughters 1st birthday.

Today,  we officially started to offer free “Porchraits” where families can come onto their porches and we will stay far away and take a free picture! They can take a couple, a family picture, picture with family and pets, maybe a sign showing how they are surviving Covid-19!

Kids can share and see friends they are missing from school!

Message us on Facebook or our website, –  we will be scheduling days in different communities. You can then tag them to show friends and family you are ok and surviving Covid 19! Visit our Facebook site at – while your there, “Like” our site to see the latest news!

We have had wedding shows cancel as many cities are going to ban 250+ people from gathering at the same place at the same time. We have also heard from couples who have been told their venue may cancel their wedding.

The Go FOTO Yourself New England policy is that if an event is cancelled for any reason, we refund you everything except the $50 deposit. We work with those who have to change dates to offer the same deal if we are free, if not we refund their non-deposit fees.

Given the serious nature of this and the disappointment of some couples, we have decided that we will give full refunds if you have to cancel your wedding due to reasons around the Corona Virus. We feel so bad for those who have reached out to us about venues cancelling their weddings and we will do whatever we can to try to ease that pain a little, including full refunds minus the bank fee they charge us. We will waive any travel fees if we have to travel farther to get to you during this time as well.

We are committed for those events still going on to keep your guests safe. We have secured large amounts of hand sanitizer, lysol wipes, disinfectent spray and more to make sure we keep the props clean. We have had a few events since the Corina concerns and at each event, we have dedicated one person to wipe/spray each prop used after each use.

We are your partner in this and will work with you in anyway we can. We truly are sorry to those couples who are scrambling to find alternative plans.

If everyone did small acts of kindness during this scary time, can you imagine how much brighter our world would be!

Laura, Jason, Julianne, Hannah, Isaiah, Harmonee and Wesley
The Go FOTO Yourself New England Team!