Little Acts of Kindness to Make These Times Less Scary

We are photographers and own a Magic Mirror Photo Booth and have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus problem. Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events are cancelling or rescheduling. We have lost money and we have changed our refund policy to offer full refunds including deposits to help those who unfortunately had to cancel. It’s a small gesture in whats going on with the world today. We are fortunate, we can do that, some vendors aren’t able to and we also understand that.

Today’s post is more about doing something to help spread love. We decided to do a small good deed each day to help our communities that have made us so successful. We started out with buying $300 worth of food to donate to children in Dover and Somersworth for their End 68 Hours of Hunger Program. We then helped deliver 70 bags of food to drop off for kids who are out of school and didn’t have access to food because their schools were closed. We then brought hundreds of dollars worth of groceries to various families throughout Southern Maine and NH, one in Massachusetts. We asked and continue to ask people to send us messages of families struggling and if we can, we will help them. Last night we got a request for a family of 7 that had no food. We hoped in the car and went shopping, bringing them several hundred dollars worth of food. Today we have compiled a list of seniors in our community who needed someone to go get their groceries so they didn’t expose themselves in the stores. We have picked up and delivered their groceries to them. We get these names thanks to members of our community sending them to us. We even got a call from someone out of state who has elderly parents in our area and their mom was requesting a certain meal from a certain restaurant that they frequently went to. So we surprised them, picked up the meal and brought it to their door. They had no idea it was coming!

Random, small acts of kindness during this time will help make this less scary. We don’t do it for recognition, we do it to be better neighbors, friends and family.  We have a brand new vehicle that can be used for delivery, instead of letting it sit there, we offered it to groups to deliver meals to our most vulnerable kids and elderly. We have had events cancel, so we have free time so why not volunteer it.

Lets all do small acts of kindness to make this less scary. Please “like” our page and see some of the great things these small acts will result in. Send us a PM on the page with other ideas we can do or groups that may need help. As long as we can, we will be out there daily doing these acts of kindness.