Our January Non-Profit Donations

Our January 2019 Non-Profit that we are supporting is the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. In 2018, 145 police officers lost their lives in the line of duty. These men and women went to work to protect us and never went home. This is a cause near and dear to us. We both have worked for police departments and Jason has always donated in memory of one of his childhood mentors, Lebanon Police Officer Jeffery Lee Bull, who was killed in the line of duty. Jason’s dad was a Lebanon police officer and volunteer firefighter. That same year Jeff died, Jason became a junior firefighter and heard so much about Jeff and all he did for the community. Jason has always done things to remind people of Jeff’s sacrifice through community festivals, etc.

Any events booked in January 2019, we will donate a portion of the event fees to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in your events honor. This memorial is a way for everyone to always remember the sacrifice. We have been supporting them for years and this is a nice way to add to that support and help build on the memorial. They just opened a memorial museum in Washington. Anyone traveling to Washington should stop and see the memorial and the museum.

We thank everyone who booked in December and we will be sending the donations in your events name to Meals on Wheels to help our local seniors get nice meals and companionship!

January 2019

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