Sweet 16 Party – 12/1/2018

Tonight was a great night, with over 500 pictures taken at a beautiful Sweet 16 party. We tried out all new props, over 100 of them, new LED event signs, one of 8 new pillow top (top of the line) backdrops and a new projector loaded with over 150 pictures of the young lady and her family!  Our assistant Julie helped us with the big event!

They had a great DJ, fun games, amazing food and great memories were made. When we rent our Mirror Me Photo Booth, we send two photographers always. We have the ability to help capture memories of the entire event, and tonight we captures over 350 pictures for the family, at no additional costs.

There is a lot that goes into these events, we set up at 245 and left at 830pm. We spent several hours ahead of time making custom picture templates and working with the family to ensure we could make the day memorable.

We thank the family for selecting Go Foto Yourself New England to be part of their special day and wish Sophia an amazing 16th Birthday!

2 thoughts on “Sweet 16 Party – 12/1/2018

  1. You guys did such an amazing job! We couldn’t have ask for a better family to make our daughters party as perfect as it was. You will always be our number one when needing any services. Thank you so much!!! Happy Holidays!!


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